Re: gnome-list digest, Vol 1 #274 - 13 msgs

On Sat, 9 Sep 2000, STiNG of DEATH wrote:

> Thanks for the info. I believe (from reading the shutdown(8)) manual that
> it is also possible to administer shutdown privelages using /etc/shutdown.allow.
> I suppose this is just the old way of doing it compared to PAM.

I just took another look at the usermode package and the shutdown man page
myself.  The man page is for /sbin/shutdown, not /usr/bin/shutdown which
is part of usermode, and is a symbolic link to
/usr/bin/consolehelper.  The consolehelper man page is the one you want to
read :)

I'm not really sure what the shutdown.allow file does, but AFAICT it won't
restrict local users from using /usr/sbin/shutdown.


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