gnome-terminal broken

While I was working in a gnome-terminal window earlier this week, my
system froze solid. The terminal session froze in mid key stroke. I had
no choice but to hard reboot the system. As a result, I've apparently
corrupted something with
the system setup for my gnome-terminal.

When I run 'gnome-terminal' -- either from the menu or from a kterm
window, I get a gnome-terminal
window and the cursor is frozen in the upper lefthand corner. I also get
an error message in a popup window that says: "There has been an error
while trying to login. The error was: Interrupted system call."

On the kterm window I then get this message:

[lmeador strider lmeador]$ gnome-terminal
Living environment not ok
Error: unable to fork: Interrupted system call

All other applications work normally.

In trying to resolve the problem, I've run fsck to verify that my drives
are not corrupted;
I've upgraded to helix-gnome 1.2; I've rebuilt and installed the
gnome-core 1.2.1 package which provides the
gnome-terminal application, and I've rebuilt and installed the
gnome-utils package, all to no avail. All other terminals work fine
(Xterm and Kterm) and bash appears to be functioning normally, as far as
I can tell.

Suggestions on what might be causing the problem?

Many thanks,

Lem Meador
Content Engineering Manager
Cox Interactive Media
Atlanta, GA

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