Re: problems with Helix gnome-print-0.20-0_helix_1

Dan Kortschak wrote.

> Hi, I've just installed Helix Gnome 1.2. When I try to start Gnumeric I get an
> error that there is no suitable default font. This turns out to be because there
> is no fontmap file. I have tried to generate one with gnome-font-install to no
> avail. All the fonts seem to be there (other apps find them). What I'm I doing
> wrong?

I'm having exactly the same problem on an Ultra 5 running solaris
7.  I've posted a couple of notes on the situation here, but no
one has had a solution, so I moved on to trying to get gimp
working.  I've nearly got the gimp problem identified, so I'll
be turning my attention to gnumeric soon.

Are you installing on a solaris box?


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