Re: gnome-list digest, Vol 1 #274 - 13 msgs

Gordon Messmer wrote:
> > It seems this guessing of user permissions breaks sometimes
> > it shouldn't (such as the situation above).
> When you described the "situation above" it sounded like you thought it
> was working properly, what's broke?  It's working exactly as
> intended.  "usermode" is intended to give _local_ users a way to do things
> like shutting down the system that would otherwise be messy when required.
Sorry, I should have said that it broke in the case of the person whose
post I was replying to.

Thanks for the info. I believe (from reading the shutdown(8)) manual that
it is also possible to administer shutdown privelages using /etc/shutdown.allow.
I suppose this is just the old way of doing it compared to PAM.

Thanks again.

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