Re: Prioritisation of Gnome components/apps/utils

On Wed, Oct 18, 2000 at 11:27:26AM +0100, Shane OConnor - Sun Ireland - Desktop Applications So114533 Middleware - Software Engineer wrote:
> I'm testing the Gnome componenets/apps (e.g. gedit, emacs, gcalc, etc) and am 
> trying to prioritise these Gnome components/apps into set groups based on the 
> following criterion and from a users perspective:
> P1 = Components/apps that are used frequently on a daily basis
> P2 = Components/apps that are used infrequently on a daily basis
> P3 = Components/apps that are used on a weekly basis
> P4 = The remaining components/apps. 

Can you give us (me!) a feeling for the reasons behind doing this? This
will help give a better indication for various things. I can think of a
couple of applications that are very widely used, in general, but only
used by inidividual users on a weekly or monthly basis. On the other
hand, there are some applications that are probably indespensible to
some, but hardly used in general. Where do each these cases get put in
your scheme?


Malcolm Tredinnick            email: malcolm commsecure com au
CommSecure Pty Ltd

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