Re: Nautilus: tried it?

on 10/13/00 3:58 PM, Adam Sleight at adams linearcorp com wrote:

> So last a used Nautilus Preview 1 (I know ancient history) it created a file
> in
> each and every folder.  This is great and dandy but please allow us to
> universally turn this off.  Why?

We're still thinking about exactly how this should work and be configured,
but it is possible to turn this off currently in Nautilus. In the "Edit
Intermediate Settings" or "Edit Advanced Settings" dialog box, in the "Speed
Tradeoffs" pane, choose "Never" for "Make Folder Appearance Details Public".
This will cause all the file "metadata" to be stored in one place (inside
~/.nautilus) instead of scattering it about your system.


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