Nautilus Bug Day is now weekly: Monday @ 1600 PDT

Hey, there!

    By unanimous vote at Tuesday's Nautilus Bug Day, they're now going
to be a weekly event every Monday night at 1600 PDT (
#nautilus) until we all collapse and go to sleep.

    Come mark your calendar, and hang out with the Nautilus team and
help complete Nautilus sooner, with higher quality. The first Bug Day
resulted in over 80 verified bugs (hi, Will ;), several fantastic new
bugs, and hours of Nautilus excitement and chaos. ;)

    To learn more about Nautilus Testing, visit
<>. You can stay in touch with
Nautilus Testing via our mailing list at
<>. Regular source
tarballs & binary RPMs are available at

    See you,



* Please note that Nautilus is still bleeding-edge, pre-release
software, and testing it requires installing many unstable packages on
your computer. If you're a casual GNOME user and would prefer to stay
that way ;), you're much better off waiting for the next Nautilus
Preview Release.

* If you're not sure about the time zone differences,
<> displays
California time; currently UTC/GMT -7 hours.

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