Re: GDM as a replacement for XDM

> CHahn peregrine com (2000-10-05 at 1912.25 -0700):
> > SO, a pointer to good docs would be appreciated!!!
> IMHO you should modify /etc/X11/gdm/gdm.conf instead of using apps
> (specially if they do not work). Config apps are fine when you want to
> the basic things in a normal environment, but once you start to run
> newer versions of the lower app or try to do things the GUI coder
> never though about, the only solution is the old text config system.
> That or you fix the GUI tool and send the patches to the mantainer.

FYI, I did just that in March - I brought the (previously incomplete)
"gdmconfig" tool to the point of being fully functional. As far as I know,
it will be included in the upcoming 'gdm3' release/module. However, only the
incomplete version has been included with any of the gdm2 releases to date,
which explains why there are issues with the so-called current "gdmconfig"


Lee Mallabone.

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