Re: GDM as a replacement for XDM

CHahn peregrine com (2000-10-05 at 1912.25 -0700):
> SO, a pointer to good docs would be appreciated!!!

If you search a bit, you will find them:
Official site:
Example site with more links:

Note: GDM does not support indirect X, only local or direct queries.
If you need indirect, use XDM until GDM supports it.

IMHO you should modify /etc/X11/gdm/gdm.conf instead of using apps
(specially if they do not work). Config apps are fine when you want to
the basic things in a normal environment, but once you start to run
newer versions of the lower app or try to do things the GUI coder
never though about, the only solution is the old text config system.

That or you fix the GUI tool and send the patches to the mantainer.

> P.S. Where can I get a tarball of the latest
> gdm?  I want more control than using RH's rpm
> will allow.  Thanks.

You can also get the SRPM, BTW. And if you want "latest", you should
try CVS, not tarballs.


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