Re: Gnome terminal moves after reboot

On Wed, Nov 29, 2000 at 06:29:58PM -0400 or thereabouts, Greg McLearn wrote:
> 	This is an interesting problem that I have had for quite some
> time.  I have no idea if this is an open problem (searching the bug
> section didn't seem to pull anything, although I am sure someone else is
> using different terminology/symptoms, etc.)

Or putting it in gnome-core/session-management/gnome-libs/gnome-terminal/
whichever one you didn't look in. Happens to me all the time. 

> 	I like to keep a number of gnome-terminals running in a particular
> workspace/virtual desktop (I mean, this is fairly common, yes?).  Anyways,
> upon rebooting the system, I find that my gnome-terminals are moving
> ever-so-slightly to the right and down.  No other application seems to do
> this (ie. xemacs, file-manager, etc.)  Is there anywhere where I can lock
> the coordinates of the gnome-terminal down?  I thought that saving the
> session would do this for me?  Alas the answer is no.

Bugs involving gnome-terminal and remembering (or not) geometry: 

	#885,   #2596,  #7810,  #12453, #12862
	#16354, #22779, #25096, #31234, #(whatever the one I shall put
        in with a link to the archive of this becomes :))

I have also seen this, but I appear not to have put a bug in, or
at least not for gnome-terminal. I use a panel at the top of the
screen (not the menu panel) and either two very tall gnome-terminals
or four gnome-terminals next to each other (or three, one tall one
and... well, you get the idea). When I restart Gnome, the panel
appears at the top, but all the gnome-terminal windows appear a 
little further down. They are in the same positions relative to
each other: you just can't see the bottom line or two of the two
at the bottom, and there's a wide gap between the top ones and the
panel at the top. Mine don't seem to have moved to the right, however,
on the machine I just tried it on.

It is absolutely consistent: I see it on both machines I have access 
to, it makes no difference whether I saved the session with the windows 
in the correct position or not, and it happens every time. My window 
manager is Window Maker, which means everyone automatically blames that, 
but Window Maker is not doing the session-management as far as I know. 
Gnome is. I only really began to notice this in the gnome-core/
gnome-applets 1.1 series in the run up to Gnome 1.2, but I don't 
know whether that's when it started or when I noticed it. 

> Any thoughts/ideas?

My idea is that if you are not using the same window manager, 
then it's not my window manager and it's Gnome :)


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