Re: Helix-Splash

mike mjv com (2000-11-25 at 1529.17 -0600):
> I'd like to add a splash screen to an app I'm designing that's similar
> to the splash-screen that Helix-Gnome uses - with the little icons
> appearing instead of a progress-bar like Gimp. Are there any examples on
> how to do this? Is it already made into a widget I can use?

The gnome-session source? I think it is gnome-session the app that
creates that window. Gimp has a splash with progress bar you can study

BTW, now that you are coding it, add two command line parameters
before it is too late, --no-splash and --splash (and short versions if
you can, like -s and -S), and an item in preferences to set splash to
on / off.

"Always splash" is bad if you already know it is launching (Xalf or
similar system) and you work in a multitask system, cos it disallows
you to work in other things. GNOME allows to disable the start splash,
even if you can not do anything until basic apps are loaded.

If you need to report a failure, you can also use another window (+
stderr mesgage?) if the user disabled the splash. Splash are nice when
you use a monotask system or you want to show your brand, like
commercial apps (I wonder if this is better for sales or customers
become tired and buy less instead? ;] ).


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