Re: Gnome & pthread

> > Hi all,
> > I've got a problem with Gnome and pthread.
> > I'm currently developing an email program (yes, yet another one..).
> You should consider working together with us in the Evolution project
> to avoid duplicating effort, and more quickly making free software
> viable on the desktop, rather than splitting efforts

Does it also have a homepage? Neither Freshmeat nor the Gnome Software Map
contains Evolution!

> > Then after the mails are downloaded in that seperate thread
> > I call gnome_app_message to show how many Messages have
> > been downloaded - but all I get is an empty message box (not even
> > a button is in it) and a crashed email program.
> Make sure that only one thread ever invokes Gtk+/Gnome calls.
> Ie, notify the front-end that the back-end thread is done, and have
> the front-end popup the message.

OK, I understand what you mean - but how can I do anything in the
I am always in the gtk_main loop there! Or am I missing something?

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