RE: how to stop Gnome from reloading apps?


I personally do not agree with Rizzo here, i think that the auto loadup of the
programs previously not closed is a nifty feature and there is no reason to
drop it, however that is not the case of everybody and since this is not the
case with Micro$oft , where one has to live with what Micro$oft thinks is
accpetable. If the feaure to turn this off doesn't exist then i second Rizzo to
give the users an option to turn this off on the fly.

On 24-Mar-2000 Germano Rizzo wrote:
> Hi,
>     I really don't like the feature of Gnome that makes it restart programs
> that weren't shut down before last logoff, at startup... sometimes, some
> apps (like gturing and netscape) doesn't unload well when I close them, so
> the next time I bring Gnome up I found them on the desktop... and I have to
> shut them down manually. Since I don't care to restart applications
> everytime, is there any way to make Gnome to abandon this behaviour? or a
> file, maybe, in which it stores a list of the programs to restart, that can
> be deleted safely?
>     Thanx,
>         Mano :)
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Amar S. Bhatti

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