Re: how to stop Gnome from reloading apps?

On 24 Mar, Amar S. Bhatti wrote:
> folks,
> I personally do not agree with Rizzo here, i think that the auto loadup of the
> programs previously not closed is a nifty feature and there is no reason to
> drop it, however that is not the case of everybody and since this is not the
> case with Micro$oft , where one has to live with what Micro$oft thinks is
> accpetable. If the feaure to turn this off doesn't exist then i second Rizzo to
> give the users an option to turn this off on the fly.
>>     I really don't like the feature of Gnome that makes it restart programs
>> that weren't shut down before last logoff, at startup... sometimes, some
>> apps (like gturing and netscape) doesn't unload well when I close them, so
>> the next time I bring Gnome up I found them on the desktop... and I have to
>> shut them down manually. Since I don't care to restart applications
>> everytime, is there any way to make Gnome to abandon this behaviour? or a
>> file, maybe, in which it stores a list of the programs to restart, that can
>> be deleted safely?

I'm in the middle camp--I like being able to restore my prior session.

Where I've found a problem, however, is if GNOME terminates abnormally
(say, because I was forced to kill X). In that case, even if I've
*saved* the current session before running a program that might force me
to terminate GNOME, when I restart GNOME I get *all* of the windows that
were ever opened during my last session (if they obey session-restart)
even if they were closed normally before saving the current session.

I haven't reported this as a bug yet, simply because I wasn't quite
certain that it was strictly a GNOME issue (the risks or running
alpha/beta software), but I'm beginning to suspect that save current
session is either *not* saving or is behaving differently than I expect
it to.

IOW, it could just be me.

But if it isn't, WIBNI when GNOME is not exited cleanly, the user is
prompted for which session to restore? Not quite as traumatic as a
forced fsck, but perhaps a friendlier way of handling ABENDS. ('Course,
this would mean defining at least a user default session in addtion to
the user's last session . . .)


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