Re: desktop resolution

The thing is, this applet only works AFTER you have configured X to have
multiple resolutions, its usless for someone who hasn't setup their X server
this way.

What should be an important note is that this is really a distribution
issue, since their main goal is support, how else do you support your user
base than making easy guides to do something as changing their resolution?
I think the redhat manual does cover this topic, and i know that their
online knowledge has this covered... so this guy may need to actually read
docs from his distrubition, not just general how-tos.

Leland Elie

Brooke and Nathaniel wrote:

> >I wasn't the one with the problem. I was suggesting that the gnome
> >FAQ be updated with the issue since this question hits the list a
> >least once a month. Something like
> >
> >Q: how to change screen resolutions.
> >A: Gnome has no control over screen resolution see you X Server
> >   documentation.
> There's a program called gVidChanger in the GNOME software map...
> Quoting from that page:
>     gVidChanger is a GTK applet to quickly and easily change video
>     resolutions in X.
> I haven't tried this program yet but there's a stable source URL so
> it may help those users who don't want (or know how) to configure
> X.
> ttyl,
> Brooke
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