Re: Commercial software hooks

I think what we all can safely do, without stepping on anybodies toes is to
mail the missing gnome-menu entry and mime-types as a bug report to the
companies in question. If enough people turn in such bug reports it will
climb up their priority list. I sent such a report to Real as soon as I
discovered the problem.

My primary attitude however is that the registration of mime-types should
be handled in a cross-desktop manner. I don't know if this is feasible,
since I heard that KDE is using a mime-library with a special license
(non-commercial use only I think).


Steve Fox wrote:

> Chema Celorio wrote:
> >
> > Steve :
> >
> > >> "I'd really like to see someone working on this."
> >
> > Why don't *you* start with the effort, sounds like a
> > good idea.
> >
> > Chema
> Well I'd love to, but I'm not a core developer and I don't want to step
> on anyone's toes. Also, I do not have the contacts that some of the core
> developers might have. If there is not a current effort to do this, I
> would love to help lead the charge. I hope one of the "core" hackers can
> let me know of any pre-existing efforts.
> --
> Steve Fox
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