Helix Desktop first release and default "open in terminal"terminal

Hey all,

A couple of questions for all my fellow Gnome users out there.

The first one is, is there a timeframe for a final release of Helix
Desktop?  I am normally the first one to jump inline to download new stuff,
but my experience has taught me two things.  One: If X is working, leave it
the hell alone. Two: If you don't get your WM/Desktop upgrade right, you
can kiss enjoying using Linux goodbye ;)

Now, I have been customizing various things about Gnome and am really
enjoying my environment.  I would love to try Helix Gnome but want to wait
for it to move out of "this is our first release" mode.  Just wondering if
a more stable/final/bugtested release will follow soon?

Could a few people perhaps vouch for Helix Gnome's day to day use?  I don't
want to deal with issues that are gonna piss me off everyday.  I currently
run an October Gnome level environ (so 1.0.51 - I believe - not at machine)
and I know that there are more recent ones than that (part of the Helix
Gnome or standalone) but would people actually recommend an upgrade for
good reason?

Right, and my second question.  I am quite a fan of Gnome-Terminal.  FOr
some reason though, whenever I set anything to launch "In a Terminal", it
bring up this acient looking terminal with a wierd scroll bar on the left
hand side and seemingly no customisation options.  I want to use the one
that is accessable from the bar accross the bottom on a default install
(which I believe is Gnome-Terminal).  How do I change this system variable
(I hope it is a variable ;).

THanks to all.

Evan Read.

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