Re: Helix Desktop first release and default "open in terminal"terminal

Evan Read wrote:
> Right, and my second question.  I am quite a fan of Gnome-Terminal.  FOr
> some reason though, whenever I set anything to launch "In a Terminal", it
> bring up this acient looking terminal with a wierd scroll bar on the left
> hand side and seemingly no customisation options.  I want to use the one
> that is accessable from the bar accross the bottom on a default install
> (which I believe is Gnome-Terminal).  How do I change this system variable
> (I hope it is a variable ;).

What program is it that's offering this "launch in a terminal" option? 
Any Gnome program should launch gnome-terminal for you.  Sounds like
you're using some non-Gnome thing like IceWM's launcher, or XFM, or
something odd like that.

In any case, the weak terminal program you're seeing is either xterm or
(less likely) rxvt.  The quick and sleazy way to fix this is to find
your xterm binary, rename it, and then create a symlink to
gnome-terminal called xterm.  

In Red Hat Linux, you'd do it like this (notice the root prompt!):

	# which xterm
	# cd /usr/bin/X11
	# mv xterm nasty-old-xterm--barf-barf-barf
	# ln -s `which gnome-terminal` xterm

Other Linuxes and Unixes may well behave differently, but you should see
the overall idea behind what I've done above.
= Warren -- ICBM Address: 36.8274040 N, 108.0204086 W, alt. 1714m

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