Re: [Chat] KDE/GNOME main lacks, accordingly to an italian magazine

Weiqi Gao <> writes:

> Linux systems have a good solution for the first problem.  Linux
> application vendors don't usually alter the OS.  And to fully utilize an
> application on Linux, with its multi users, an application usually needs
> to be installed in it full.

This is not always the case.  Take a look at WP8 Server, for instance.
Not all sites will require (or be willing to support) the terminal
mode client, even with multiple users.  Other larger packages also
offer things of use to a subset of users.

And as Linux hits the desktop more, you'll have more machines catered
to individual users.  If all your machines are desktops, you can
install everything on the server and let the desktops use it... but in
my case, I have a laptop which is very mobile.  It's never going to
have other heavy users (accounts for other people to check email don't
count).  So if I don't need something, I don't want to install it.
Especially since on laptops, "Disk is cheap" isn't nearly as true.

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