Re: Helix RPMs a bit "large"

> Here's one way to automatically strip only the gnome-core packages:
> # rpm -ql gnome-core |grep '^/usr/bin' | xargs strip
> I didn't test it, but that command line is close to the Right Thing. 
> Tweak as necessary.
> This is why we like Unix.  :)

Kool, that does work. But I'm not stripping them and I suggest most of you
not to do it either. Sine Bug-Buddy is installed in Helix Gnome, sending
bug reports is very fast and easy. The moment it crashes you need to spend
just half to one minute typing what you did to make it crash, and bug-buddy
automatically attaches a backtrace and emails either Helix or Gnome or what
ever you chose. And the bugs get fixed fast. The other day Helix-Update
crashed on me, I sent a bug report, and within a couple of hours I received
an email saying the bug has been fixed, along with a url an rpm of the 
updated package.

Anyway, sorry for ranting. My point is the debugging symbols don't slow
things down much at all, and the size isn't THAT much bigger, but it DOES
make finding bugs a lot simpler.

	= L

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