RE: themes bust it up...

On 13-Mar-00 Brennan W Stehling wrote:
> I tried some themese for enlightenment that I downloaded from
> and it killed me.  Is that common?
> I could no revert back to the default theme and had to blast my
> enlightenment configs so I could get back to a useable enlightenment.

        Which version of Enlightenment are you using? I've found 
0.16.3 to be pretty good about changing themes. Some themes tend to
try to take over all your previously set defaults, like number of
workspaces, focus, etc., so if you are referring to that you may
want to find some better themes.

> The busted themes support is the main reason I am looking at other window
> managers than the default enllightenment for gnome.  Blackbox seems to
> stay out of the way while I can rely on the gnome panel to manage and
> start all applications.

        I like BlackBox. It's small and fast. The trouble is that it
doesn't yet work very well with GNOME applications. Seems the writer
of BlackBox and the GNOME folks have a disagreement over what constitutes
a window manager spec. (I personally have no opinion, since I've not
reviewed the spec, BTW). Anyhow, he (BB's author) says that as soon 
as there's a spec he can work with, he'll write to it. IIRC, someone
is rewriting the GNOME WM spec.

> Can anyone share their ideal window manager setup with the list?  I mean
> one that you are or have used in the past.  I wnt to use one that is
> simple and does not allow the window manager to interfere with gnome.  I
> also want decent themes support.
        I've grown to like sawmill. It's still in development, but has
been stable enough for me to use on a day-to-day basis. It has many
themes that look like Enlightenment themes (such as BlueSteel, Clean,
etc.), and seems to be very configurable. I say "seems to be" because
I've actually not had to mess with the themes very much to get them
to work. I use a theme called "CoolGtk", which actually adapts its
colors to the GTK scheme you're using. It doesn't work well with dark
themes, but for everything else it's, well, cool.

Date: 13-Mar-00  Time: 10:26:40

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