Re: themes bust it up...

> > 	Why do people continue to suggest Window Maker, even though using
> > it breaks Gnome?
> Because, maybe, IT DOESN'T?!

	Sorry, I should have qualified the statement with "as shipped with
Red Hat and Mandrake Linux, two of the most popular Gnome desktop
distributions around".

	Of course, everything can be *made* to work.  If the session
management weren't configurable within Window Maker, I'm sure people would
suggest that I comment out the session-management related code and
recompile Window Maker to get it to work with Gnome :).  The fact that it
doesn't work point-and-click out of the box means that, as far as "my
mother" is concerned, it's broken.

P.S.> Please send all further replies to me privately, as I don't want to
spam the list with WM wars...

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