Re: themes bust it up...

I do not mean to incite a riot, but would like to get an idea of what
people enjoy using.  I have worked with different window managers in the
past and know when even with one window manager there are a million
options.  Enlightenment can be configured to do just about anything and so
can many others, but I have seen very few other people running X Windows
in person.

When I do see screen shots they look amazing and I wonder how I could get
all those cool things running on my computer.  I basically need a heads up
on all the useful features of each variation that people happen to be
using so that I can figure what I like best.

As far as religion, I was raised Catholic but think Buddhism is really
cool.  But as in religion and window managers, to each his own.


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On Mon, 13 Mar 2000, Tom Gilbert wrote:

> * Brennan W Stehling ( wrote:
> > I tried some themese for enlightenment that I downloaded from
> > and it killed me.  Is that common?
> You may have tried to use 0.15.x themes with 0.16.x. A common mistake,
> and some naughty theme authors mislabel their themes as 0.16
> compliant. Just edit ~/.enlightenment/user_theme.cfg to fix.
> > The busted themes support is the main reason I am looking at other window
> > managers than the default enllightenment for gnome.  Blackbox seems to
> > stay out of the way while I can rely on the gnome panel to manage and
> > start all applications.
> > 
> > Can anyone share their ideal window manager setup with the list?  I mean
> > one that you are or have used in the past.  I wnt to use one that is
> > simple and does not allow the window manager to interfere with gnome.  I
> > also want decent themes support.
> Not a good question to ask. It's very much like asking what football
> team is best, or what religion is nice :) You'll likely:
> o Get 15 different answers from a hundred different people
> o Get different descriptions of the same thing from different people.
> o Receive wildly conflicting and often spurious answers from everyone.
> o Provoke normally harmless and peaceful individuals into
>   emotion-ridden outbursts and violence
> o Get nowhere fast =)
> I repeat my earlier statement, spend a few days with each, and choose
> whichever suits you best. GNOME-compliant themeable choices include:
> Enlightenment
> Sawmill
> Black Box
> IceWM
> Window maker
> Afterstep (latest version is mostly compliant afaik)
> In no particular order. I may have missed some.
> Tom.
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