themes bust it up...

I tried some themese for enlightenment that I downloaded from
and it killed me.  Is that common?

I could no revert back to the default theme and had to blast my
enlightenment configs so I could get back to a useable enlightenment.

The busted themes support is the main reason I am looking at other window
managers than the default enllightenment for gnome.  Blackbox seems to
stay out of the way while I can rely on the gnome panel to manage and
start all applications.

Can anyone share their ideal window manager setup with the list?  I mean
one that you are or have used in the past.  I wnt to use one that is
simple and does not allow the window manager to interfere with gnome.  I
also want decent themes support.

Brennan Stehling - web developer and sys admin
projects: |

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