Re: themes bust it up...

Tom Gilbert <> writes:

> I repeat my earlier statement, spend a few days with each, and choose
> whichever suits you best. GNOME-compliant themeable choices include:
> Enlightenment
> Sawmill
> Black Box
> IceWM
> Window maker
> Afterstep (latest version is mostly compliant afaik)
> In no particular order. I may have missed some.

Scwm also fits this description.  It is bigger than many, and has a
longer startup time than I'd like, but the up-side is it almost never
needs restarting, is much more programmable than the others (w/ a nod to
Sawmill as being nicely programmable as well), and embeds a
sophisticated constraint solver to let you do some other fancy stuff
that no other wm even comes close to.


Greg J. Badros
Seattle, WA  USA

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