Re: best window manager

* Brennan W Stehling ( wrote:
> I tried a few variations and eventually went in with gnome-session and
> went in with enlightenment.  Then I used the gnome control panel to select
> blackbox as my windowmanager.  Then I pressed the try button and it
> switched over nicely.  I saved everything and logged out.
> When I logged back in only the panel would show up and no blackbox.  It
> did not work properly.  I saw some error messages after I logged out which
> said something about not supporting gnome, but I thought blackbox had the
> hints in place.
> Does anyone know about that?

Things to check:
o Blackbox is installed ok (check by having just "exec blackbox" in
  your .xsession and see if it comes up...
o You aren't doing something odd like panel & ; gnome-session
o You have a reasonably recent blackbox with any gnome-compliancy
  patches in place.

> I guess I am still hunting for a good gnome compatible window manager.

I personally can never tear myself away from Enlightenment, but I've
tried Sawmill, and it's okay if you like lithp...

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