Re: best window manager

* Brennan W Stehling ( wrote:
> I have been messing with a fresh upgrade/install of FreeBSD with a recent
> Gnome set and want to figure a better window manager set.  I am using
> enlightenment, but that is a bit sluggist and unwieldy at times.  I use to
> use Windowmaker but I am not sure how I would run gnome with that.  Can I
> just put this in my .xinitrc file?
> .xinitrc:
> #--
> panel
> exec wmaker
> #--

Definitely not =)

Technically, you should *only* have
exec gnome-session

And choose your window manager using the control panel.

If you don't want to use gnome-session, then the method above is
incorrect still, as it won't progress past the panel. Try:
panel &
exec wmaker

And the plain answer to your question is to spend a few days in each
wm and choose whichever suits you best.

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