RE: Is there a way to get out of gmc hangs?

If your using Linux I suggest your press CTRL-F2 (or F3,F4,F5,F6) this
will switch you to another virtual console. From there log in
do a "ps -ef | grep gmc" and kill gmc. This might not be enough though
because I doubt that gmc can lockup all of gnome. Ussually this
means the window manger or the X server has crashed or hung. So
you'll probably have to kill one of those too. To get back to your
original console press CTRL-F1

If somehow this is the fault of gmc I wouldn't expect it to be fixed
because gmc will be replaced with Nautilist in gnome 2.0. Since
its completely different its doubtful it would have the same problem.

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> Subject: Is there a way to get out of gmc hangs?
> Sometimes the entire desktop will hang because I'm trying to access a
> file system on a host that is down or similar. Is there a way out of
> this, except logging out and back in or restarting gmc by hand?
> And of course, I'm a bit disappointed that failure to open one file or
> directory will cause _everything_ to freeze...
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