Re: Trash Can in Naughtilus?

Loban Rahman wrote:

> All the nifty names people are coming up with are neat, but I'm thinking
> that the default name ought to be simple and short - plus be intuitive.
> "Black Hole" for example, is simple, short, AND funny, but it's
> function or purpose isn't intuitive.
> Given that, I also agree we should come up with an original name.
>         - Garbage (or Garbage Can or Garbage Pail or Garbage Collector)
>         - Waste (or Waste Disposal or Waste Collector)
>         - Rubbish (or Rubbish Heap or Rubbish Collector)
> And of course, there is NO shame in going back to the tried and tested
> "Trash" or "Trash Can".
> Also, since the Trash CAN be renamed into anything one wants, the
> default can be a somewhat boring name for the same of intuitiveness.

I feel we should name the trash can "Windows File System", since most
people automatically associate that with trashing files.

Blort the Weiniferous

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