Re: Trash Can in Naughtilus?

Loban Rahman wrote:
> All the nifty names people are coming up with are neat, but I'm thinking
> that the default name ought to be simple and short - plus be intuitive.
> "Black Hole" for example, is simple, short, AND funny, but it's
> function or purpose isn't intuitive.
> Given that, I also agree we should come up with an original name.
>         - Garbage (or Garbage Can or Garbage Pail or Garbage Collector)
>         - Waste (or Waste Disposal or Waste Collector)
>         - Rubbish (or Rubbish Heap or Rubbish Collector)
> And of course, there is NO shame in going back to the tried and tested
> "Trash" or "Trash Can".

I think that using a cute name for a desktop element that in any way 
obscures the function of that element is a bad idea.  We should never
sacrifice simplicity and usability in the pursuit of being different and 
cute.  I think familiarity has an awful lot to recommend it when one is
dealing with user interfaces.  Let's try to make transitioning from other
desktops as painless as possible.

Garbage, Waste Basket, Rubbish Heap all seem to be intuitive enough to
be good candidates.  Of course, Trash Can and Recycle Bin are okay too.

The more far out options like "Black Hole" seem too far afield for my


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