Re: Trash Can in Naughtilus? wrote:
> How about "land fill", since it fills up your HD until you nuke it. :)

Now THAT is really funny!  Ho ho ho!  
All we would need would be animated seagulls circling around when you
dropped more trash on it.  Of course, you'd want seagull cries as
the associated sound.

For that matter, you could go for something like "The Guano Hill"

On a more serious note, neither of these ideas meet the old and familiar

I am willing to be convinced that a whacky and humorous name would not
comprise usability.


> On Fri, 3 Mar 2000, Miles Lane wrote:
> > > A trash can that expires things after some period of time should be
> > > called the "Trash Compacter".  It'll delete your files unless you
> > > contact C3P0 in time.
> >
> > Not sure if I agree with this name.  Any time I hear the word "compactor,"
> > I think of file compression rather than deletion.
> >
> >       Miles
> >
> >
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