Re: Trash Can in Naughtilus?

Don, I agree with all of your ideas.  It seems reasonable to 
have some whacky and entertaining options that are associated
with particular themes and which can be reverted to some 
familiar and intuitive default.

I'm sure we can come up with some very entertaining alternatives
that have some of the same appeal as the Grouch and his song.
It would be very cool if we could get some pop-culture references
that we could use.  Perhaps if we go to the sources for some of
the more entertaining pop culture material (Far Side, Simpsons,
Dilbert and so on) someone would give us open rights to some 
specific images and related sound clips).

Here a random idea:

	Have a Wolf theme.  The trash can become a wolf den.
	Drop something on the den, a bone drops down, wolves
	howl, one runs out, grabs the bone, runs back in,
	and then you hear a bunch of munching noises and maybe
	a belch.  Then, if you undelete, a wolf runs out, growls,
	coughs up a bone and slinks back into the den looking

Anyhow, thanks for the good thoughts,

"Poletti, Don" wrote:
> >
> > All the nifty names people are coming up with are neat, but
> > I'm thinking
> > that the default name ought to be simple and short - plus be
> > intuitive.
> > "Black Hole" for example, is simple, short, AND funny, but it's
> > function or purpose isn't intuitive.
> >
> > Given that, I also agree we should come up with an original name.
> >
> >       - Garbage (or Garbage Can or Garbage Pail or Garbage Collector)
> >       - Waste (or Waste Disposal or Waste Collector)
> >       - Rubbish (or Rubbish Heap or Rubbish Collector)
> >
> > And of course, there is NO shame in going back to the tried and tested
> > "Trash" or "Trash Can".
> >
> > Also, since the Trash CAN be renamed into anything one wants, the
> > default can be a somewhat boring name for the same of intuitiveness.
> >
> >
> I completely agree that it should be simple probably trash. Can the
> trash can icon and name be controled through a theme? Then we can
> add some of the more fun ones that way. Black hole would be nice
> for a space theme.
> I really don't pps will give us a licence to Oscar. But I think a
> Pengiun or gnome would be cool. Of course you'd have to be able to
> turn it off.
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