Re: some info required

On Wed, Mar 01, 2000 at 11:20:44AM +0500 or thereabouts, Sheikh Nauman-ul-Haque wrote:
> What is the version of Gnome that comes with Redhat 6.1 and is there any
> new version available for it, and if there is.. whats the new feature in
> it that would make me install it.
> Nauman

Red Hat 6.1 (and SuSE 6.2) came out right before October Gnome.
I dunno what SuSE had. It runs in my mind that they didn't go for
a really really current Gnome set up. Red Hat had things like 
gnome-core-1.0.40 or so, which were sort of "late-September-Gnome" :)

They were a vast improvement on the stuff from RH 6.0 in terms of
stability and features and so on. October Gnome was just a bit
further on. If you have lots of bandwidth, you could get October 
Gnome from .

"New feature to make you install it" -- well, if someone you don't
like has the top spot in the high-score table, you want RH 6.1, 
as it wiped the games high-scores. Oh, that's not what you meant?

Overall it's a lot more stable. I rarely broke Gnome really badly,
but lots of people said that October Gnome etc were much much 
better for them. It has better defaults for initial sessions. And
if you use PPP, then rp3 is apparently a GUI tool of wonder for 
setting it up (but you will need the errata/updates for pppd and 
rp3 for that: they came out very shortly after RH 6.1 was shipped). 

Oh yes, it has loads more layouts for AisleRiot, too, which is the
really important thing.


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