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On 14 Jul, Tobias Weber wrote:
> Hi,
> As I'm currently in the process of switching to linux I did some 
> "research", too. Here is a list of features I found important, 
> numbers indicate that the program does NOT support it:
> 1 Copy text from the message reader to the clipboard
> 2 Mark Messages unread
> 3 Copy Mails between Folders
> 4 Address Book
> 5 Imap
> 6 Sorting
> 7 PGP
> netscape 7
> kmail 5 (4 is very primitive)
> balsa 1 2 3 6 7 (4 uses GnomeCard, very good!)
> mahogany 2 6 7 (5 is supported, but never worked here)
> pronto 1 5 (Address book is not that good)
> postilion 3 (This is offspring of TkRat)
> tkrat 3 (very stable and feature complete. My Choice)

Tobias, I too have been using TkRat for some time now (is it years

Although copying between folders is not directly supported, I do the

    Move the mail to the new folder
    Undelete the mail in the original folder

For non-ratters, this works because moving is actually a "copy and
flag for deletion" rather than a move.

If I was ambitious, I'd write a little tcl proc to handle it, but I've
got too many other fish frying. ;-)

If you're concerned about inline images and HTML, even though TkRat is
basically a text-only client, you can add the tkhtml widget and TkRat
will use it. Likewise with the image extensions (although they are
already included in Tcl/Tk 8.3)

Also, mouse scrolling works just fine using the techniques found on


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