Re: email and newsreaders

As I'm currently in the process of switching to linux I did some 
"research", too. Here is a list of features I found important, 
numbers indicate that the program does NOT support it:

1 Copy text from the message reader to the clipboard
2 Mark Messages unread
3 Copy Mails between Folders
4 Address Book
5 Imap
6 Sorting

netscape 7
kmail 5 (4 is very primitive)
balsa 1 2 3 6 7 (4 uses GnomeCard, very good!)
mahogany 2 6 7 (5 is supported, but never worked here)
pronto 1 5 (Address book is not that good)
postilion 3 (This is offspring of TkRat)
tkrat 3 (very stable and feature complete. My Choice)

The list is sorted by my interface look/feel ranking, but as with 
most unix software memorizing some keyboard command makes 
you faster with eg tkrat than clicking around in netscape ever could.

All tests were performed with the most recent versions (as of July 
11) and all comments are IMHO.

  Tobias Weber

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