Apology (was: Red Hat and updated RPMs (was: Wow))

> > 	Not to step on anybody's toes here, but Red Hat has historically
> > been very, very bad about releasing updated packages to make
> > life easier on their customers.

	I apologize for my earlier outburst toward Red Hat.  Overall they
have been a very valuable asset to the Open Source (read: Gnome)
community.  I blame my Quake withdrawal for not thinking before hitting
the send button :).

> Not to defend RH, but the important stuff (security patches), were very
> timely in my perception.


> Why didn't the Majordomo people updated the program? Anyway, as you
> said/did, it was a matter of removing one RPM and adding the other.

	For the record, it was a problem with the Perl that shipped with
Red Hat, not a problem with Majordomo.

	And, yes, using RPM to fix the problem was very easy.  But
*tracking down* why the hell Majordomo wouldn't work (when my system met
all of the stated requirements) was a very aggravating experience.
Majordomo is difficult enough to get working without obscure Perl

> available in the development site (rawhide) for quite a while,

	Silly me!  All this time I've been checking
http://www.redhat.com/support/updates.html thinking that would be the
first place to get updated RPMs.

	(Note to Red Hat: How about a link to rawhide on your updates

P.S.> Sorry again about the offtopic post.  It's the last one, I swear :)

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