Re: Which editor for C/C++ programming, and more...

Well hi Germano!;)

You may want to take a look at gvim, which comes with thte VI text editor,
although it may not suit you, as it can be rather confusing for the
beginner.  When you get the hang of it, you will see why we are religous
about our text editors;)

As for strip, someone can probably give you more info than me, but to the
best of my understanding, strip removes alot of debugging information from
your executables.  I'm sure theres more to it than that, but unless you
are really really space conscious about your executables, I wouldn't
worry about it.

Cory Watson
Systems Administrator

On Sun, 20 Feb 2000, Germano Rizzo wrote:

> Hi,
>  first, I introduce myself... My name is Germano Rizzo, I'm a 21 y.o.
> italian student in electronic enineery and I'm new in this list...Recently I
> passed from KDE to Gnome, and I found it... just great!! :-)) Nice to meet
> you all!!
>     I don't know if my questions are suitable for this list... if not,
> please tell me. Sometimes I make some C program, just for exercise, or
> study. Now, using KDE I wrote them in KWrite, that provided two very useful
> features: sintax highlighting, and the indication of the number of the row
> where the cursor is. Passing to Gnome, I haven't find anything that makes
> the same... Now I use Gnotepad+, that, alas, haven't any of these
> features... I don't want to use EMACS, 'cause it's too complex... I tried
> XCoral, that hassintax highlighting, but still doesn't tell the row
> number... Can you advice me for any editor that suits my purposes? Thank you
> in advance.
>     The second question is just a curiosity: I'm quite new to Linux, so I
> don't know the 'inner' aspects of it... I noticed that using the command
> 'strip' on the executables and library files, they get very smaller... is it
> a good idea to do this? Or it will produce instability? Can I compile and
> install, say, the various gnome packages with
> ./configure
> make
> find ./ -exec strip {}  \
> make install
>     ? Thanks also for this, any comment will be appreciated... I have plenty
> of things to learn... :-))
>     Sorry if these are off topic, and for the poor english... <:)
>     Best wishes,
>         Mano :-))
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