Re: Request: Test suite for EFS.

>   I did send mail to Miguel about how namaspaces should be used in bonobo
> to switch/detect compound in document serialized in XML. This was requiring
> registering the XML namespace URL for each application and make sure
> that all serialization would declare the namespace, and build XML analizers
> in a way flexible enought to skip element not in your "own" namespace.
> Seems I didn't get heard, too bad.

You did get heard.  And this is a good thing that we might support for
other components.

But how do you address standard naming schemes with the XML file
format, for things like "Summary/Author" in a way that is consistent
across applications.  How can we standarize this?

How can I quickly scan information?  How can I pull an image from
another XML file without having to load the entire XML file into

(Consider embedding an image which is inside a document into a
spreadsheet without activating the document component)


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