RE: Modest idea

Take a look at this has a lot of games etc.
aimed at kids (surprisingly :) ). It may not answer your requirement for an
environment but it does seem to provide a reference point for the kind of
apps you are talking about. However I haven't gone very deep into the site
so I'll let you form your own opinions.

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> Subject: Modest idea
> Hi,
> Linux lacks educational (Lesson for children, etc) and 
> cultural applications 
> (Fine arts, Nature, etc).
> These kinds of applications are, with games, a reason for choosing an
> OS rather than an other one.
> IMHO, It could be nice to have a workshop tool for producing such 
> applications. I don't know
> if this already exists or is in progress.
> This tool could feature (messy but just keep the idea)
> - standard GNOME features like XML, gnome-db, gtkhtml, etc.
> - Unified interface for all created applications
> - Step by step CD production up to CD burning
> - generation of a installation executable that would run the
>   application from a CD
> Any interest ? Anything planned ?
> Jerome.
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