Re: gnome-utils db2html problem

Ali Abdin wrote:
> peter bunney ( wrote at 23:08 on 21/08/00:
> >
> > Looks like there is a duff source at the Gnome site :-(
> Not really.
> When I created my application (gLife) - you need to have db2html when
> compiling for it to build the docs - otherwise it will not build them.
> But when I create /binary-only/ packages (i.e. RPM packages) I include the
> HTML files.
> So if you are compiling from source - you should have db2html installed - If
> you do not have db2html installed it /should/ continue compilation
> 'gracefully' (it used to work before (i.e. Ignorable Error)).
> If you get binary packages (debs/RPMS/etc.) it should include the HTML files

Forgot to CC my last msg to gnome-list.

Actually, it was duff source at a mirror, but I lost my logs so dont
know which one.

I take your point about needing db2html.  It may be so at the sharp end,
but all other sources I got at included the html.

Guess I should get db2html 'just in case'


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