Re: Screwed Up Gnome Terminal

On 04-Aug-2000 Telsa Gwynne wrote:
> Yeah, I got this "multiple spaces" thing when I selected fonts that
> were proportional instead of fixed-width (or whatever it's called).
> I begin to consider it a bug that the proportional ones show up on the
> list of fonts you can use, because I'm fed up of doing this by accident.
> I now have a list of about three fonts I know which work and which are
> painless on my eyes, and I stick to those :)
> Telsa

Yes, it's silly to be offered choices that don't work, isn't it?  I like the
lucida fonts, but they don't work with gnome-terminal 8^(  It would be
interesting to know the reason behind this particular limitation of the
terminal interface.  Something to do with the needs of teletype machines?

Date: 05-Aug-2000
Time: 02:22:06

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