Re: Advanced panel/applet/etc. use?

On Fri, Aug 04, 2000 at 04:20:03PM -0400 or thereabouts, Paul D. Smith wrote:
> On my older systems, and on my non-Linux boxes, I use FVWM (very latest
> On my FVWM environment I had a fairly advanced button bar, and I'm
> wondering if it's possible to do the same things I did there, with
> GNOME's panel.

On the first box I had with X I had fvwm2. I didn't make as much use
of it as you did, though, clearly!
> The main thing is that in FvwmButtons I configured the buttons to react
> differently to different mouse buttons. 

This sounds utterly cool but I don't know how to reproduce it. I'm not
saying there isn't a way: just that I don't know it.

> If I switched from sawfish to FVWM I suppose I could swallow the FVWM
> button bar into the panel?  I can't decide if that would be too much or
> not.

One of the reasons (the only reason?) you got that "Warning! You are
not running a GNOME-compliant window manager!" message when using GNOME
and FVWM was that FVWM didn't cope with the old GNOME pager. I just
swallowed the FVWM pager into the panel. It worked beautifully.

>From that, I would imagine you could swallow the button bar, too.

> Another question: can I change the icon associated with a menu I add to
> the panel?  I have a menu of hosts I want to jump to; I'd like to use a
> "terminal" icon for the menu instead of the default folder icon, but I
> can't find any way to change it.

I was about to say yes. But... Urgh. I don't see how to do it, or how
to change the main menu icon, at least. If you add a drawer, it's easier.
Add the drawer, then right-click on it and select Properties. Click on
the displayed icon and you'll get a browser. If you don't like what's
in the directory displayed, click Browse to move further.

> Are there some "GNOME desktop for advanced users" documents anywhere I
> haven't found?

The GDP (GNOME Documentation Project -- see is always looking for
new contributions... Not quite the answer you hoped for, I suspect,
but the best I can do. :)


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