Re: feedback

dumas patrice <> writes:

> First, gnome loads some stuff with sawmill last, but I have to click on 
> the screen to open the session and this is quite slow. I think, it would
> be better if it displayed the hint immediately, and then the desktop,
> without having need to click on the logo window nor to close the hint
> window.

This will happen if the session manager starts an application which doesn't
register itself back with the session manager.

> Second, when I first opened the gnome config center, there was no way of
> choosing sawmill as WM, although (I think) it was the one running, and I
> had to add it. 
> (note that  I hadn't installed sawmill-gnome at that time. I dunno if the
> same  problem would have arised if sawmill-gnome had been installed at
> that time).

This is one thing included with the sawmill-gnome package.  

> Another things I think aren't fine, is that 
> I have a panel on the top of the screen, from which I can't change 
> properties, and also 
> the panels are either always masking the windows, or always under the 
> windows. It would be good (IMO), that, for a panel under the other 
> windows, a click on it would raise it on the top of the other windows.

Sawmill should not be placing windows under this panel...

> I also think that it would be good if there was some help about the gnome
> session and the management of the session, a way to set properties other
> than to modify the session file.
> Is it possible for example to have different sessions and load one or the
> other, at want ? 

gnome-core 1.1.9 has some help about this, actually.  I don't think the
session manager capplet links to it yet (although session-properties does).

> I have another problem, that is that the working directory for almost
> everything was incorrectely set the first time I ran gnome, and I don't 
> see an easy way to change it. I think it would be good if it was possible 
> to change it from the gnome config center.
> I also have a lot of windows without title.
> This could be related to the fact that I always have the following error 
> messages :
> Gdk-WARNING **: locale not supported by Xlib, locale set to C
> Gdk-WARNING **: can not set locale modifiers
> GnomeUI-WARNING **: Could not open help topics file NULL

You probably don't need to worry about any of these.

Try installing the sawmill-gnome package, it might fix the first three
problems you have, since they are all something that could be effected by
sawmill not running in GNOME mode.

"Is this love... or just confusion?"  -- Jimi Hendrix

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