Re: feedback

On Fri, Apr 21, 2000 at 01:20:15PM -0700 or thereabouts, Derek Simkowiak wrote:
> > Well, the gnome-list is archived here:
> >
> 	I am missing something, or are the (web) list archives not
> searchable?

Not those, no. This should go in the FAQ, actually, cos this is another
one I've seen crop up a few times. 

> 	If you have a problem, there's no way to know if an email
> regarding that problem (and possible solutions) occurred in April of 2000
> or in January of 1997.  This makes the above URL more or less useless if
> you're trying to solve a problem.

Well, other than the fact that GNOME started a little later than 
January 1997 :)

Luckily, other sites also archive the mailing lists, and some of them 
have searchable archives. The URL I have in my bookmarks for a
searchable archive is

It's reasonably good at searching, and it includes gnome-list, 
gnome-devel-list, gnome-announce-list, gnome-components-list,
gnome-gui-list, gnome-kde-list, gnome-themes-list, gnumeric-list,
guppi-list, balsa-list, gnome-doc-list and calendar-list.


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