Re: Fatal error starting Gnome.

On Mon, 27 Sep 1999, Elliot Lee wrote:

> The program is jumping into the place where code is usually mapped, but
> it's past the boundary of existing stuff. The output of a 'where' at this
> point would be very enlightening.

Not sure quite what you mean by 'where'. Short of doing an strace I can't
see how else to delve deeper. Something I am not going to rush into unless
one of the developers ask for it.  *hint hint*

> > The relevant (?) packages are:
> > gnome-libs	1.0.16
> > gnome-core	1.0.9
> > ORBit		0.4.93
> You really should get newer versions. These are pretty old.

Hmmm odd that you would define them as pretty old as they are the only
ones marked as stable on and it's mirrors. If you are
telling me to pull 'newer' versions from CVS then I think there needs to
be a rethink about what collection of gnome files are released for general
public consumption. Either that or greatly improve the updating of the ftp


> And gcc 2.95.* does not exactly help stability either.

	Hehehe... well to my mind it is a little bit cleaner than 2.8 or
before ESPECIALLY against glibc 2.1. Besides it is really only the old
stable branch of egcs which seemed to have quite a bit of active
development regarding streamlining and bugs.

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