Problems with URL Handler selection (how can I get gnome-moz-remote to call a newer ver. of Netscape?) --please help!

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I've recently installed RH 6.0 and although I was able to surf the
web (after a bit of setting up) I noticed that the version of
Netscape that was in the RH distro. was 4.51, while the newest ver.
on Netscape's site was 4.61.  So I downloaded the 128-bit version of
4.61 for the linux 2.x kernel (glib version).  I ran its install
script and the program installed fine.  I can run the program and
browse with it normally.

Here's my problem: apparently the new version of Netscape did not
completely replace the old.  When I double-click on a dekstop icon
which points to a URL (say, RedHat Documentation), the old Netscape
(4.51) tries to pop up.  I think I've traced this problem to two
places in the gnome controls: the MIME file type panel and the URL
Handler control panel.  The new version of Netscape is installed in
/usr/local/netscape (the default path for it), but changing the
text/html action in the MIME settings to
"/usr/local/netscape/netscape %f" prevents me from opening .html
files from double-clicking.  I get a message which says "The file ...
could not be opened with /usr/local/netscape/netscape %f."  Note that
the original entry (which I've been forced to put back) in this MIME
panel was "gnome-moz-remote --newwin %f."

Also, and I think more importantly, I noticed that in the URL
Handlers section, under default, the command "gnome-moz-remote
- --newwin %s" was listed.  This was what
appeared when I select "Netscape (new window)" from the pull-down
menu above.  If I try to change the command in the "default" box to
"/usr/local/netscape/netscape" with any combination of options, it
has no effect; the panel simply reverts back to "gnome-moz-remote
- --newwin %s" !!!  I've tried changing the setting both as root and as
a regular user to no avail.

It seems like it should be simple to perform such a minor upgrade. 
Please tell me there's an easy answer...
Thanks for your help,
Will Robinson

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