RE: Gnome wishlist 1.0


 [ctrl r] for a refresh works, it is just a bit awkward me.

Ugh, middle mouse to find a decent, left-hand-friendly 
three-button mouse (I knew this would happen eventually).  :-)

I can appreciate the how's and why's of not implementing a letter 
keypress in the gmc window now.  thank you for aiming me toward the 
older messages.

 Since it is my personal (mis?)fortune to be learning to be 
left-handed (my, what a construction that was) I am always looking for 
ways to reduce the numbers of keys and key-contortions I inflict on 
myself...especially since my left hand does 90% more than it used to 
(before I crushed my right hand...twice).  

 Where do I need to go to see the short-list of things that should be 
updated prior to trying gmc 4.5.38 (for the second time)?  I heartily 
thank whoever it was that typed "make uninstall" in a message not too 
long ago.  I'm currently using gmc 4.5.30.

Matthias:  I apologize for my understated tongue-in-cheekness about 
grafical interfacii.  I've used and put up with just about everything, 
and I always tend to be a bit understated in my humor when hedging 
these things.  I keep forgetting that, though.     

Best regards,

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