Re: ALS and an observation

> Anyway I would
> be willing to bet money that the GNOME-KDE split was nearly even at ALS.

Yes, that is correct.  I did my own micro-analysis of the market there 

> Man, our marketing blows. All the GNOME hackers were at ALS, we had some
> good conversations and planning, but KDE is the one with the big press
> release and feature article on LinuxToday. I really wish we could just
> hack and not think about this crap, but we want people to use our code!

Yes, it does.  We need people to promote our software, our tools, our
infrastructure and our applications better than we have been doing so

I know kde has a private kde-marketing mailing list, so at least we
know there is some sort of organization for this sort of tasks, that
we lack completely.


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