Re: panel-client? (Re: GNU Midnight Commander 4.5.39 is released)

Chris Rogers wrote:
> On Sat, 25 Sep 1999, Kuba Winnicki wrote:
> > something like "panel-client --open-foot-menu" in his favorite window manager.
> > Distributions which include GNOME could have bound that to for instance menu
> > key with their "default" GNOME window manager.
> >
> > Question "how to open foot menu with keyboard?" reappears every period of time
> > on gnome-list/gnome-gui-list. If we could have it in 1.0.50 we would avoid
> I was just going thorough my backlog of gnome-list mail, and saw this
> posting.  I think this is a great idea (unless there is a better way to do
> this)  I don't see any responce to this, and haven't heard it mentioned so
> was wondering if it was shot down (because there is a better way?), being
> implemented, or waiting for someone to do it.  If it is the last I'll
> volunteer, it drives me nuts not being able to bring up the menu with a
> keyboard shortcut.

	Agreed. I think one of the aspects in which Gnome is lacking the most is
keyboard navigation. You need the mouse to do *anything*, the existing
keybindings are not very consistent, developers forget to bind Enter to OK
buttons and ESC to Cancel, etc. Maybe we should make a "Keyboard Navigation
Effort", like the Icons and the UI one?

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