Re: trying to migrate to gnome

> I'm trying to switch over from fvwm2 to october gnome with enlightenment
> 0.16.3. I can mostly get this to behave as I want, but there are some
> pieces missing:
> 1) Is there a way to bind mouse buttons to actions? For example in fvwm2
> I have ALT mouse-button-3 set to raise the current window.

by default E has alt+left button set to drag, alt+middle to resize and
alt+right set to bring up the window's option menu. This can be changed in
the keybindings.cfg file I think. take a look at E's documentation.

> 2) I'm using the gnome deskguide. Is there a way to get it to display
> the names of the icons, rather than just their shape? And I'd also like
> to change the background colour - but that's not so important.

I don't think so (I assume you mean having the boxes that represent windows
have the title of the window in them?) You can use enlightement's pager
which may do that (I forget) but it at least can do snapshoting of windows
and has tooltips for titles...

> 3) Is it possible to configure the mouse bindings for panel iconbox?

the iconbox is an E thing...  nothing to do with the panel... perhaps you
mean the tasklist?  I think the answer is no at the moment for both,

> 4) Is there a way of forcing applications to start on a particular
> desktop, similar to fvwm2's StartsOnDesk. I know gnome can remember
> which desktop an application was on, but for memory intensive or crash
> prone applications (step forward netscape), i'd like to be able to start
> them in a particular place, and close them when they're not needed.

right click on the app's titlebar to get the menu. in the remember dialog
there is an option to remember the desktop the app is on.

> Alternatively is it possible for the gnome panel to swallow the fvwm2
> pager (assuming the latest gnome-compatible fvwm2).
> Finally, does a swallowed app have to have any particular properties, or
> just have to be small enough to fit in the panel? In which case, how do
> I resize the panel?
> If any/all of these questions are answered in the documentation, please
> point me at the appropriate place.
> Thanks and regards,
> Chris
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